Charles G Stone II and Light Lounge Podcast – Interview with Thomas Mnich


“What’s the solutions that are going to produce the ‘WOW’? (…) I think we all have the same problem. It’s not enough to be good. They are not coming to hire you for a good job; they come to hire you for a great job. So, that implies risk! And I think one of the issues we all have in this profession if you gonna work at the top, is: how much risk?” Charles Stone is the president of Fisher Marantz Stone. FMS was established in 1971, and, since then, they have worked on over 5000 projects, with more than 1200 clients and received numerous awards. In this weeks episode, we speak about what it takes to stay relevant, what success in life means and how you have to position yourself as a company to be successful now and in the future.

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