FMS recognized in the World’s Top 8 Lighting Design Firms

“Fisher Marantz Stone is a lighting design firm that has been dedicated to creating beautiful and innovative lighting solutions for over 50 years. They aim to understand architectural design and enhance the communication of design through environmentally and economically conscious lighting solutions, thereby achieving a seamless integration of light and space. Their use of cutting-edge technology allows them to create sustainable and manageable solutions that function within each environment while also being visually stunning.

With a wealth of experience, Fisher Marantz Stone has established itself as a leader in the field of lighting design. They recognize the importance of lighting in creating the perfect atmosphere and use the latest technological advancements to achieve visually captivating and sustainable results. The firm has a legacy of enduring excellence.”


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Luminaries: 8 of the World’s Top Lighting Design Firms

By Samantha Frew