Next Generation of Leaders

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we look to the future while staying true to our firm’s legacy.
We are pleased to announce Paula Martinez-Nobles, Kevin Frary, and Michael Hemmenway are now Principals of the firm.

Paula, Kevin, and Michael’s passion for lighting and collaborative approach to creating impactful and practical design solutions reflects of our firm’s core values, and has allowed them to cultivate lasting relationships with clients and industry partners.

As Principals, they will continue to provide design leadership, mentor our staff, and lead firmwide initiatives and growth while remaining committed to helping our clients succeed beyond their dreams.

Paula joined FMS in 2005 and brings a highly energetic and collaborative approach to projects. Deeply committed to her craft, Paula consistently pushes the studio to innovate, engage, and collaborate. Central to her process is envisioning the role that lighting will play in affecting the user’s perception and emotions in the built environment.

Kevin rejoined FMS in 2015 to found and lead our Seattle studio. With his 20 years of experience, Kevin has a robust understanding of how light plays in three dimensions and interacts with architectural materials to create beautiful luminous environments. The designer in Kevin loves making things, the engineer loves solving the challenges presented by each unique project.

Michael joined FMS in 2004 with a background in theatrical and architectural design. He is enthralled
by light and its unique ability to express and transform our shared environment and inspire emotional response. Michael is an avid tinkerer, explorer, and traveler who finds the combination of art and science fascinating and fundamental to design.

“We are immensely proud of these capable leaders as we offer a confident and exciting future to our clients. Paul Marantz and Jules Fisher join me in offering enthusiastic congratulations and our continuing support in our studios.” Charles Stone, President