Our summer intern heads back to school, but leaves a bit of his spark behind


“I found myself sitting in Central Park the other day and I couldn’t help but think that if someone had told me a year ago, I’d be interning in New York City I wouldn’t have believed them. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, I never had much exposure to city life even though I attend Penn State. My first day in the city, I was less concerned about the rush and more concerned about trying to act like I belonged. “What does it take to be a designer in New York City?” I’d ask myself. Over time I learned the answer to that question and much, much more. FMS has given me experiences that no other Lighting Design Firm in the industry could.  As an intern I’ve been able to learn while working on super impressive projects with teammates that make the time, we spend at work fun.  Living and working in this city has taught me a bit about who I am as a person and how there’s always a reason for an empty subway car.”