Shanghai Bund Interview: Charles Stone on the new lighting design for this historic waterfront



In April 2018 we received the assignment to reimagine the lighting for 27 landmarked buildings on the Shanghai waterfront. Carefully revealed classical facades coexist as a series of jewel boxes within the larger fabric of the historic waterfront. We imagined a future of white light constrained to a CCT range from 1800K to 3000K, sympathetic to the stately historic facades and in marked contrast to the aggressive color changing lighting shows of the Pudong and other cities in China and around the world. The project was completed in 7 months and inaugurated by China’s President Xi on November 5, 2018.

FMS led a large team of designers in the development of the overall lighting design concept. FMS, in association with Uno Lai Lighting Design, provided complete design services for the two most famous buildings, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and the Customs House.