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Appellate Division Courthouse

New York, New York

Client: State of New York
Architect: Platt Byard Dovell Architects
Completion: 2001

The Appellate Division Courthouse was originally completed in 1900 when the budget for decoration and art was fully one third of the total budget for the project. The lobby features gilded Corinthian columns, custom murals, and marble statuary. The courtroom itself was crowned with a resplendent stained glass ceiling, 36 feet in diameter.

Restoration and renovation of this historic landmark proceeded with the utmost attention to the preservation of the original handcrafted Beaux Arts adornment. Original wall sconces were missing therefore replacements were fashioned from photographs and knowledge of historic luminaries. The chandeliers were also refurbished: the lobby chandelier required the restringing of thousands of crystal beads onto nickel-plated wire in order to restore the original color and overall effect.

  • 2001 Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award, New York Landmark Conservancy