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Berwind Corporate Headquarters

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Architect: Bower Lewis Thrower Architects
Consulting Interior Designer: Joe Bobrowicz
Interior Designer: Floss Barber
Completion: 2008

In robust downtown Philadelphia, a company of prestige and recognition was in need of a complete renovation to their main floor office interior. Obtaining the original 1970s architect, the client envisioned an inviting space, where light is the key component. Subtle illumination techniques and custom diffuse sources redefine this interior office environment. A refined color palette and concealed, distilled sources create serene reflections of an outdoor environment to support those working within. Each space is modern and minimal, requiring light to be present, though never seen.

The executive conference room features an illuminated hybrid cove, housing both RGB LEDs and linear fluorescent fixtures concealed within the inset of the cove. The color-changing LEDs can respond to exterior climate conditions, offsetting seasonal and static indoor ailments that can affect mood, health and productivity.

  • 2011 IES Illumination Award of Merit