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Central Synagogue

New York, New York

Restoration Architect: Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates
Original Architect: Henry Fernbach
Completion: 2001

Completed in 1872 this Henry Fernbach building was completely reconstructed after a devastating fire in 1998. FMS provided new lighting for the entire project including the new multipurpose room and exterior. There was no record of the old light fixtures, therefore, a new family of decorative fixtures was developed utilizing motifs from this building and other similar buildings of the period. This new family of fixtures included three different chandeliers and two types of sconces that allowed the restored colorful interior palette to be fully appreciated for the first time. On the exterior, new decorative fixtures were designed from period photos and lighting was added to the building top to accent the distinct Moorish elements.

In an effort to respond to the building’s current needs and tastes, lighting was incorporated into the architecture to provide requisite light for reading prayer books and highlighting the ornate ark and bimah. A central lighting control system was added to manage the various day-to-day activities throughout the building. Lighting infrastructure was also provided to allow for future webcasting of services and other special events in the sanctuary.

  • 2004 IES Award of Merit