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Chanel Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, California

Client: Chanel
Architect: Peter Marino Architect
Completion: 2007

Chanel renewed their presence on the iconic Rodeo Drive with a dramatic renovation of their existing fashion boutique. The new flagship shop, housing the range of Chanel Fashion and Fine Jewelry, is clad in pristine China White stone and crowned by a penthouse decorated with illuminated classic double C logos.
The fashion side distinguishes itself from the jewelry side with a crisp, graphic look. FMS designed a custom lighting fixture to organize the many accent lamps while slicing glowing parallel lines along the ceiling, distinctly defining the space and providing ambient light.
Upon entering Fine Jewelry, shoppers transition to a warm residential environment complete with custom furniture. Recessed display vitrines line the walls like framed artwork with internal lighting that is individually programmed and controlled to complement each unique jewelry piece.

2009 IES Illumination Award of Merit