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Chanel Fine Jewelry and Fashion Boutique Wynn Encore Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas, Nevada

Client: Chanel
Architect: Peter Marino Architect
Completion: 2009

Chanel creates a dynamic and dramatic presence in the Wynn Encore Hotel by once again pairing its two distinct concepts of fashion and fine jewelry in one shop. Architectural elements within the exclusive shop preserve the distinctive Chanel brand, reinforcing clean graphics on the fashion side while evoking a warm luxurious home on the fine jewelry side.

On the fashion side, FMS designed a custom lighting fixture to both organize the many accent lamps required to highlight each piece of merchandise and provide ambient glow via dramatic ceiling stripes. Upon moving through a portal, clients are transported into a different world from the crisp fashion boutique to the rich elegant atmosphere of fine jewelry. Exquisite pieces, some exclusive to the Encore location, are displayed in recessed vitrines featuring an adjustable internal lighting scheme designed by FMS that can be individually tuned to complement the particular characteristics of each piece.

  • 2010 IALD Award of Merit
  • 2010 IESNY Lumen Award of Merit