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Chanel New Bond Street

London, England

Client: Chanel
Architect: Peter Marino Architect
Completion: 2013

Chanel’s London Flagship boutique located in the Bond Street shopping mecca is the first installation of a new concept blending clean, modern design with luxurious and elegant finishes. The boutique is also home to many commissioned works of art, bridging the worlds of retail and gallery with visual delight.
The lighting is an integral part of the design, seamlessly part of the architecture while accurately highlighting merchandise display and providing museum-quality art lighting. This was achieved through the close collaboration of lighting designer and architect. In addition to visual quality, practicality and commercial concerns were at the forefront of the design process. Particular attention was paid to the use of low-maintenance and sustainable sources while meeting the aesthetic requirements. The highly successful Bond Street design has become the standard influencing Chanel projects across the globe.