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Washington, DC

Client: Cleary
Architect: LSM
Completion: 2019

Rectilinear gestures of light, color, and materiality are persistent and delightful throughout this modern office. A balanced assemblage of points, lines, and planes make the lighting integral yet always sub-dominant to the architectural expression and vibrant, joyful art program. The roof garden invites a fantastic second look at this company’s commitment to a high-quality luminous environment.

All the lighting in the project is LED, and the lighting power density energy conservation exceeds the local jurisdiction’s requirements.
Special techniques regarding fixture placement permit seamless and shadowless illumination. The illumination of the Buren art piece is a satisfying accomplishment involving the precise placement of light and mirrors. Highlighting the interior architecture, celebrating art, and making comfortable, delightful places for people achieves the aspirations for excellence in a professional practice.