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Global Law Firm

London, England

Client: Confidential
Architect: LSM
Completion: 2022

Situated in the heart of London’s bustling Bishopsgate, Covington, a global law office, occupies four floors of an impressive high-rise tower. This contemporary space harmoniously blends angular geometry and delicate illumination, transforming the environment into one of precision and elegance.

An array of crisp white finishes and Picasso Noir stone accents warmly greets visitors at reception, while mirrored columns and pleated glass walls create captivating reflections throughout the space. Meticulously integrating structure  and artistry, the architect’s coffered ceilings showcase lines of light gracefully outlining the perimeters of each individual coffer, accentuating the building’s acute angles to weave a mesmerizing pattern.

To ensure a balanced visual environment, select vertical surfaces are illuminated, reducing contrast and enhancing visual comfort. Office and conference spaces utilize a minimalistic approach with recessed downlights and perimeter wall lighting, creating a clean and efficient atmosphere. A perimeter cove traces the façade, its soft radiance amplified by mirrored surfaces, unveiling awe-inspiring city views that serve as the perfect backdrop for this sophisticated legal workspace.