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FC Dallas Soccer Complex Larry Kirkland Sculpture “Frisco Flyer”

Frisco, Texas

Artist: Larry Kirkland
Architect: HKS
Completion: 2006

Located in the north plaza of the FC Dallas soccer team’s home, the 30 foot high Frisco Flyer is a steel and aluminum sculpture which forms the winged foot of the swift mythological god Hermes/Mercury. This 15 ft wide static sculpture with animated lighting is a tribute to those swift soccer players who help bring their teams to victory.

FMS designed the rhythmic transitional illumination and choreography scheme to provide a related sense of motion to the Frisco Flyer and with the subtle use of warm and cool colors, constantly re-reveal the sculpture.

The Saturn like ring surrounding the sculpture provides a discreet mounting location for digital light engines to create a highly efficient and directed source of illumination, which is capable of rendering millions of colors. These fixtures are programmed using a computer based digital protocol to replay a series of carefully designed lighting events on a nightly schedule.