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Fort Lauderdale Convention Center “AQUARIA” Multimedia Light Installation

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Client: Broward County
Artist: Larry Kirkland
Completion: 2011

Broward County commissioned artist Larry Kirkland to design an installation for their north and south pedestrian skybridges that would enhance the visitor’s experience while reinforcing the aquatic themes in the surrounding artwork and building decor. The passageways, which connects the parking garage to the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center, depart from utilitarian starkness by infusing kinetics, color, and light to create a captivating entryway. Utilizing a sophisticated and integrated hardware and software control system, four concurrent seven-minute video streams consisting of 13,000 individual images are assembled into a custom designed, cross-fading sequences running dual DMX universes along and sometimes jumping across the two pedestrian bridges. The reflective material of the countless stainless steel fish scales lining the ceiling coffers act as miniature mirrors, rippling a constant stream of vibrant hues across the length of the bridge. Traveling the passage is a magical expedition, simulating the experience of swimming among schools of colorful fish within the deep blue sea.