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Gannett – USA Today Headquarters Base Building and Site

McLean, Virginia

Client: Gannett Corporation
Architect: KPF Associates
Interior Architect: LSM
Completion: 2001

Two towers rest on a common podium, housing the new headquarters for USA Today and Gannett’s other publications. To make a splash at their new location and act as a beacon for the area, two internally illuminated towers with slowly, constantly changing light provide a new nighttime signature. Twenty-four rows of colored fluorescent lamps are controlled by a sequenced dimming system through the night. Outside, accent lights uplight selected trees. The entry canopy is highlighted with bands of light, while grade-recessed fixtures subtly announce the metal bollards.

Inside the lobby, the grand stair is bathed in light, and the elevator tower softly glows from within. The brightly illuminated elevator lobby invites visitors in.