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Graff Diamonds – New York Flagship

New York, New York

Client: Graff Diamonds
Architect: Peter Marino Architect
Completion: 2009

When a world renowned jeweler sought to reinvent their New York City flagship, they chose a leader in boutique design to create a new space on Madison Avenue. The architecture within the 1,500 sq. ft. shop is clean and simple, to lend all emphasis to the brilliant diamonds and jewels.

Color temperature, light angle and a set number of sources define the requirements of the bespoke LED vitrine lighting system that displays the exquisite jewels. Wall vitrines were custom built and installed. Later, existing freestanding cases were retrofited to match the new vitrine lighting scheme within the existing millwork.

Vertical surfaces are lighted by perimeter light coves, specially designed using high 90-degree socket CRI fluorescent sources mounted with a custom housing to provide even wallwash distribution. Sealed beam accent fixtures are located above the selling tables so that the gems are lighted properly and sparkle for customer inspection.

  • 2010 IES Illumination Award of Merit