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Grand Central Terminal Restoration

New York, New York

Client: Metro North
Architect: Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners
Completion: 1998

“In its restored grandeur, with sunlight pouring through steel-ribbed skylights and twin marble staircases curling to a platform on the east side of the main concourse, the 85-year-old structure is once again imposing. The ‘grand’ has been put back into the Grand Central Terminal.”

Hundreds of technicians, craftsmen and designers worked over two years restoring the sadly decaying edifice that had gone without a major overhaul since its construction before World War I. The newly scrubbed and modernized sky ceiling, a blue-green swath of color punctuated with lighted stars and the outlines of constellations is meant to represent the night sky, seen from above, and has been improved by switching to a fiber-optic lighting system from hundreds of light bulbs.

1999 IESNY Lumen Citation
1999 New York Landmarks Conservancy, Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award