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Hospital for Special Surgery

New York, New York

Architect: Jack L. Gordon Architects
Completion: 1997

When the Hospital for Special Surgery Administration Offices moved to a sub-basement office space, without any windows, it became the design intent to create the illusion of a mythical connection to the outside.

The Main “Courtyard” Lobby and central corridors were considered to be “outside” promenade areas. Stylish architectural and lighting details were developed to hide the light sources and emphasize the height of the “sky” ceiling.

The two main corridors meet in the Main “Courtyard” Lobby. The two coves are united by glass panels incorporated into the cove design. Low voltage downlights are located above to accentuate the patterned glass and highlight the marble floor below.

  • 1996 IESNY Lumen Citation Acknowledgement of Excellence & Meritorious