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Jubilee Church

Rome, Italy

Client: Opera Romana per la Preservazione delle fede e la Provista di Nuove Chiese in Roma
Architect: Richard Meier & Partners Architects
Completion: 2003

Richard Meier’s competition winning design for the Jubilee Church utilizes three curving concrete sails to gently envelope the nave while the skylight overhead invites natural light into the worship space.

The function of light in the space was important to Meier’s understanding of its spirituality: “Light is the protagonist of our understanding and reading of space. Light is the means by which we are able to experience what we call sacred. Light is at the origins of this building.” In addition to the worship space, there is also a community center which draws more than 8,000 members of the local, working class neighborhood into the church. The total complex is 108,414 square feet.

FMS worked closely with the architect to design the lighting within the interior worship space and for the surrounding site. Construction on the Jubliee Church began in July 1998 and was completed in October 2003.