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London, England

Client: Milbank
Architect: LSM
Completion: 2022

This refined and contemporary law office spans two floors, encompassing a variety of elegant yet functional areas tailored for the modern legal practice.

The captivating atrium rotunda draws attention in reception, where a striking art installation is gently illuminated by a harmonious blend of soft cove uplighting and cleverly concealed wallwashers. This luminous interplay creates a welcoming and engaging atmosphere.

The office area features rhythmic linear luminaires and discreet downlights, providing a sophisticated ambiance. Enclosed offices exude a sense of calm and focus, with minimalist downlighting enhanced by furniture-integrated lighting solutions.

Specialty conference rooms and the multi-purpose room are adorned with luminous ceilings, casting a gentle, diffuse glow. Additional point sources add versatility and depth to these collaborative spaces. Outside, the building’s façade is traced by a subtle cove uplight, guiding your gaze to the tranquil terrace overlooking London’s iconic skyline.

This London law office demonstrates the synergy between architecture and lighting design, creating a memorable atmosphere that fosters both productivity and inspiration.