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Myriad Botanical Gardens

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Client: The City of Oklahoma City
Landscape Architect: The Office of James Burnett
Architect: Gensler
Water Design: Fluidity Design Consultants
Completion: 2011

This 17 acre city park was in need of an extensive makeover. In an effort to revitalize Oklahoma City’s downtown district, Myriad Botanical Gardens completes the first phase of this three tiered, $153 million project implemented by Project 180. FMS collaborated to meet the demands of the project, lighting the architecture, landscape, hardscape and waterscape to embrace this botanical themed destination.

The newly renovated Crystal Bridge tropical conservatory (lighted by Alvine Engineering) and the band shell are illuminated by colorchanging LEDs programmed to be in-sync, and keyed to a variety of special events. In the Children’s Garden, programmable ingrade LEDs offer a big splash of color to the waterscape elements.

The gardens most important natural feature is the mature and dense perimeter tree line. To highlight the foliage and provide wayfinding along the perimeter and circulation paths, a series of “light sticks” with up-down lighting capabilities follow the streetside and continue throughout the grove. Supplemental pole-top lanterns and low brightness bollards rovide soft illumination along the serpentine pathways, and illuminated handrails and benches add to the visually striking environment; while ensuring a secure urban nighttime experience.