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NARS Covent Garden

London, England

Client: NARS Cosmetics
Architect: McDonald Architects
Completion: 2016

Founded in 1994 NARS Cosmetics has become a leading global, high-end retail cosmetics brand. Beginning with the design of a new flagship store in the luxurious West End, FMS was asked to create a new lighting strategy for a targeted global roll-out.
The lighting design results in a crisp look within a vibrant white box where beauty color palettes take on new life. Within the refined footprint of NARS Covent Garden, luminous planes and lines are integrated within the architecture and millwork, enhancing the sleek appearance of the space while highlighting the product line with great theatrical effect.
Design and marketing requirements demanded strict color uniformity from all light sources and consistency across all architectural and merchandising surfaces, location-to-location. To meet these requirements, the lighting solutions employ the same LED technology across a variety of applications. Color temperature and color rendering were a priority due to the nuanced nature of cosmetics. NARS Covent Garden is a gleaming space that flaunts the color in the NARS product line while allowing customers to view themselves at their best in the mirror.