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New York Dermatology Group

New York, New York

Client: New York Dermatology Group

Architect: Brandon Haw Architecture,LLP

Completion: 2019

This bespoke dermatology practice offers holistic treatments in cosmetic, bodywork, performance and nutritional medicine within a calm contemporary space in Manhattan’s historic Ladies Mile district.

The central volume is encircled by a cladding system with a luxurious pearlescent finish that manifests as a sinuous and elegant curtain frozen in time. A set of custom fixtures modified to the applicant’s specifications interact with the slatted ceiling in a theatrical lighting display that highlights the central pod enhancing its shimmering finish.

In the treatment rooms – task lighting, architectural highlights, and vanity accents work together to support patient comfort and provide flexible functionality. The luminous ceilings echo the geometry of
the space and cabinetry and provide a bright and active setting appropriate for medical use. The different ambiences are enhanced by two carefully chosen color-temperatures, which combine to offer flexibility without excessive color-tuning costs.