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One Allen Center

Houston, Texas

Client: Brookfield Properties
Architect: MDW Studio
Landscape Architect: OJB Landscape Architecture
Artist: Tokujin Yoshioka
Completion: 2017
LEED Gold®

Originally completed in 1972, One Allen Center went through a thorough renovation after being purchased by Brookfield Properties. Dallas-based Architects MDW Studio transformed the lobby with a modern two-story glass façade and a crisp, tasteful, minimal new interior to revitalize the property and attract new tenants. Landscape Architects OJB transformed the exterior plaza, creating a procession of colorful landscaped terraces.
FMS, having previously contributed to the Allen Center’s earlier renovation in 1992, was asked to again bring to life the new interiors and site with carefully integrated lighting. Outside, minimal lighting posts fitted with individually adjustable accent lights bring life and color to the landscape events. Inside, a combination of concealed cove lights and powerful yet discreet accent lights highlight the feature stone walls and the imposing suspended “Prismatic Clouds” sculpture by artist Tokujin Yoshioka.