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Princeton University Firestone Library

Princeton, New Jersey

Client: Princeton University
Architect: Shepley Bulfinch / Frederick Fisher and Partners
Completion: 2019

Princeton’s Firestone Library 10-year renovation brings new vigor to the institution, preserving the building’s heritage while transforming its function. Built in1948, the Gothic Revival building is the university’s heart. The fully redesigned lighting for all public spaces and stack areas enhances the combination of classic and modern architectural styles and greatly increases the lighting system efficiencies, allowing the Library to align with Princeton University’s Sustainability Action Plan for 2046 net-zero emissions.
At the main lobby, the wood panel walls glow under new dedicated wall grazers, with a combination of accent lights and a soft oculus illuminating the lobby. Exhibition galleries including the glass-walled Ellen and Leonard Millberg Gallery feature treasures from the university’s vast collections as well as student work. Daylight penetration and accent lights are carefully calibrated and controlled to display and protect the valuable objects. Each stack corridor is individually controlled to automatically ramp up from circulation illumination levels to task illumination as patrons approach.

2021 NLB Tesla Award
2021 Illumination Award of Merit