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Radio City Music Hall Renovation

New York, New York

Client: Radio City Productions
Architect: Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates
Theatre Consultant: Fisher Dachs Associates
Acoustician: Jaffe Holden Acoustic
Completion: 1999

In 1932, this theater advanced the state-of-the-art electric lighting and controls. Sixty-six years of continuous use had tarnished its glory. The program was to restore this landmark to its former eminence, to adapt it to current uses (Concerts and TV), and to adjust lighting levels to meet the expectations of modern day patrons. The entire project was accomplished in an 8 month construction schedule.

The 6,000 seat theater was filled with original art deco lighting fixtures in various states of disrepair. The designers developed restoration strategies for salvageable fixtures and details for replacements. To stay within budget, many of the larger ceiling fixtures were restored in place. This also reduced installation costs by limiting the damage to fragile insulation on the original building wiring.

2000 IALD Award of Merit
2000 IESNY Lumen Award of Merit
2000 Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award, New York Landmarks Conservancy