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San Pedro Creek Culture Park

San Antonio, Texas

Client: San Antonio River Authority
Architect: Muñoz & Company
Completion: 2018

San Pedro Creek is a place of great historic and cultural significance to San Antonio. Native peoples lived along the creek for thousands of years before the first Spanish settlers arrived in that same locale. Not far from the Alamo, in the heart of the city, this long-neglected waterway is experiencing a cultural rebirth with the creation of the San Pedro Creek Culture Park.

Public art, cultural programming and artistic design features presented in the park gives voice to what is authentic in San Antonio’s culture today and explores the historical significance of the creek through a contemporary art lens.

The completed park will span 22 miles, with a waterfall, four miles of walking trails, 11 acres of botanical plantings, restored bridges, murals and site-specific temporary and permanent art installations. Visitors exploring the winding landscape will come upon historical text and poetry etched into local limestone along the creek. At night, these features glow under dramatic illumination designed by FMS.