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St. John’s Terminal

New York, New York

Client: Google
Architect: Gensler
Completion: 2024
LEED Platinum®

St. John’s Terminal serves as Google’s global headquarters in New York. The multi-story, riverside building prominently features an interior two-story events hub designed to support collaboration. The building features diverse workspaces, with several floors of fully landscaped terraces.

The lighting design of the two-story events floors and hub creates warm and inviting interactive niches and meeting rooms that promote conversation using light to both decorate and support the diverse and myriad needs of these spaces. A two-level egg-shaped state-of-the-art theater at the core of the events floors features sweeping views of New York City.  A flexible lighting system integrated into the undulating ceiling accommodates live or prerecorded events. Large event spaces on each amenities floor surround the theater and are equipped with integrated, flexible, independently controlled lighting systems.

Multiple levels of landscaped greenspace allow Googlers to work and relax, creating diverse environments to inspire collaboration and imagination. Low-level lighting at each terrace supports the dark skies initiatives, preventing stray upward-vectored light that impacts the night sky and bird migration patterns.