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Strathmore Concert Hall

North Bethesda, Maryland

Client: Strathmore Hall Foundation
Architect: William Rawn Associates / Grimm + Parker
Theatre Consultant: Theater Projects Consultants
Acoustician: Lawrence Kirkegaard & Associates
Completion: 2005

A new concert hall has become the cultural center of this Washington, D.C.suburb, acting as a second home to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and functioning as a full fledged music academy for the community. The performance wing has a 2,000 seat concert hall enveloped by glowing lobbies and promenades.

Sparkling decorative torcheres and bow truss-mounted uplights fill the lobby space with light. The torcheres, capped with glowing glass lanterns, accentuate the balcony perimeter. Recessed incandescent wallwashers create a unifying glow on the curved walls, while metal halide uplights graze up the bow trusses, adding brisk accents to the curtain wall perimeter. Within the hall, the softly lighted wood and metal walls act as a background to the glowing onyx balcony fronts and stage lanterns. “When the alabaster lighting elements come on, the hall is bathed in a golden glow.” The Wall Street Journal, March 9, 2005.