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Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball 2000

New York, New York

Owner: Countdown Entertainment
Client: Times Square Business Improvement District
Completion: 1999

FMS created this unique luminous icon to welcome the new millennium in New York City. An event marker that was both new and familiar to the 2 million people who would see it live, and the many millions of people worldwide who watch it up-close through the telephoto lens of a TV camera. Technology, craftsmanship, and stagecraft combined to create this historic electric lighting event.

The original spherical form was retained, and as previously, the exterior was studded with 168 clear bulbs. The new ball is transparent, in-filled with triangular three-cut Waterford crystals, and a specially designed halogen lamp. The interior of the ball is filled with over 350 circuits of clear and colored lamps and strobes. The result is a 500 pound, 5-foot diameter celebration of light.

2000 IALD Special Event Award
2000 IESNY Lumen, Special Citation for Event Lighting Award