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TKTS Ticket Booth

New York, New York

Architect of Record: Perkins Eastman
Design Architect: John Choi and Tai Ropiha
Completion: 2008

The original TKTS ticket booth was cobbled together in 1973 out of a shipping container and Supergraphics banners – it was also an instant hit bringing visitors in droves to experience Broadway at a discounted price. In 2006 it was time for a revamp creating the competition-winning design of the current fiery glass grandstand, complimenting the spirit of its surroundings and allowing sightseers to overlook the ‘Great White Way’.

This is truly architecture made of light. In the daytime, sunlight animates the red-tinted translucent glass; at night electricity takes over in the most efficient and long-lived way available. Uniformly brilliant, the entire stair assembly is backlighted with continuous long life waterproof diffuse LED strips. The grandstand is cantilevered over the ticket-sellers kiosk and provides some rain protection for the queue. Fluorescent accent lighting illuminates the freestanding kiosk within.

2009 IALD Special Citation Award
2009 IESNY Lumen Citation for Integration of Light, Architecture and Signage
2009 IES Illumination Award of Merit