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Tower at First National Bank

Omaha, Nebraska

Client: First National Bank – Omaha
Architect: Leo A. Daly
Completion: 2002

The tallest building in six states, this forty five story tower has become the new signature skyline symbol of Omaha. The exterior floodlighting of the facade is achieved through a combination of 1000W and 1500W metal halide floodlights, and culminates in a brilliant backlit terminus on levels 44 and 45. To create the uplight grazing effect, the fixtures at the setbacks are located 3’-4” on-center. Custom fixtures and enclosures were designed both to uplight the building facade and to illuminate circulation and arcade areas.

Inside, various custom-designed fixtures were developed to complement the rich wood, stone and metal finishes of the Main Lobby. Three 9’ tall faceted glass and nickel-silver chandeliers appear as jewels in the box.