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Tribute in Light

New York, New York

Concept: John Bennett, Gustavo Bonevardi, Richard Nash Gould, Julian Laverdiere and Paul Myoda
Design & Executive Producer: Jules Fisher, Paul Marantz, Charles Stone and FMS team / The Municipal Art Society of New York / Creative Time

Tribute in Light; a tribute to the memory of those who were lost and a symbol of the spirit of the great city of New York.

Eighty-eight xenon searchlights mounted on two square grids of forty-four searchlights each create intense columns of light. Visibility of the beams varies with the weather to up to twenty-five miles.

Achieving perfectly vertical towers of light was the most interesting technical challenge. Standing on the platform beneath forty four beams aimed straight up, one looks up to a breathtaking convergence. The effect is so powerful that one must move several blocks away to verify the parallel. Designers from our studio dispersed across the city with hand radios and cell phones to help nudge the beams into precise alignment.