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West Village Townhouse

New York, New York

Architect: Haute Architecture
Completion: 2014

Located on a West Village street lined with a palette of brick and limestone façades, this townhouse’s one-of-a-kind interior has been transformed into a modern, minimalist home embracing light and architectural forms. Designed to create a sense of airiness, the townhouse conceives a meditative sanctuary for the Client to escape.

The lighting in the townhouse was designed to be concealed within the architecture. Soft, diffuse illumination accentuates architectural forms and linear LED lighting creates a subtle glow along the perimeter of the four floor townhouse. Dynamic color tuning ability of the perimeter lighting shifts from cool to warm color temperatures based on the time of day to promote and support the “well-being” lifestyle of the Client. While half of the light sources used in the townhouse are LED, halogen sources better maintained the low light levels necessary to achieve the serene, tranquil ambiance that the Client was seeking. Additionally, halogen point sources were essential to use for highlighting art and drawing focal points throughout.