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Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong, China

Client: Hong Kong Airport Authority
Architect: The Mott Consortium (Foster + Partners / Mott MacDonald)
Completion: 1998

The Hong Kong airport at Lantau Island is the primary gateway to China and is designed to handle up to 85 million passengers per year. It is one of the few man-made objects visible from outer space.

The roof is comprised of 128 vault sections each with continuous axial skylights serviced by a 4 km long gantry. A perforated metal “bow tie” daylight reflector suspended from the gantry blocks the most direct sun and provides diffuse reflected light onto the vaults. An architecturally integrated metal halide uplighting system with custom designed optics evenly illuminates the complex vault geometry.

FMS made over 65 trips to Hong Kong in the service of the project and was responsible for the specification of over 75,000 light fittings.

  • 1999 IALD Award of Excellence