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MicroClub – Public Hotel

New York, New York

Client: Ian Schrager Company
Architect: Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture
Completion: 2023

The MicroClub is a small, fully immersive, intimate nightclub on the roof of the Public Hotel. Breathtaking views of Manhattan ring the dance floor while exciting, dynamic visuals are streamed on all opaque surfaces, creating a world of color with the city as a backdrop.

FMS collaborated with Ian Schrager to create a dynamic, fully luminous interior drenched in color and video. Solid surfaces of the club host fully programmable, RGBW LED panels with individually addressable diodes. The ceiling features a fabric panel system with integrated LED boards, while the walls and floor are comprised of glass, acrylic, and fully walkable LED panel assemblies. Individually addressable LED spotlights ring the ceiling, adding an additional layer of color.

Along with the nightclub, FMS collaborated on lighting the hotel guest rooms, corridors, and the ArtSpace.