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Ritz-Carlton Tianjin

Tianjin, China

Client: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
Architect: Pierre-Yves Rochon
Completion: 2013

Set in the heart of the former British concession and business district in Tianjin, China, the Ritz-Carlton offers a luxurious atmosphere
featuring European neoclassical interiors.

Following the European palace tradition, 277 art deco guestrooms and 53 suites are arranged around an expansive courtyard. The grand Lobby entrance features a double height space with a 3 meter wide chandelier, and monumental flanking stairs set among classic black and white checkered marble floors. Leading the guests to the Ballroom and Business Center amenities are hand painted wall murals of traditional European and Chinese imperial paintings completed with gold painted crystal chandeliers and soft furnishings.

The lighting approach for both the public areas and private guestrooms is based on the ambient illumination of chandeliers. LED coves and accent fixtures provide additional illumination and highlight art throughout the guestroom corridors and lounges. The grandiose 1050 square meter Ballroom features 5 large crystal chandeliers and supplemental lighting in order to provide maximum flexibility for an array of events ranging from lavish weddings to corporate functions. On opening day, all of the Ritz-Carlton Tianjin public spaces, including decorative fixtures, utilized 100% LED sources.